Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old habits die hard...

You know, I never was all that great at maintaining a journal.  This is digital proof. Ha.  I've been thoroughly entrenched in my new love -- Quilting!  Fabric feels so nice...petting a beautiful cotton is so much more fulfilling than petting an animal...because I can't turn an animal into something! :o)

So in honour of my new love, I will soon be posting a tutorial for easy quilted oven mitts!  With pretty pictures and everything!  But before I can do that, I need to clean my basement, which will soon become my work space.  You know, one that doesn't take over my entire kitchen, forcing my family to eat every meal at the coffee table in the living room.  It will also have to wait until I get over this god forsaken cold that has taken over my life, and will to live.  I sure didn't realize when I made my first quilt that it would become such a passion for me!  Since the start of my first quilt (mid August), I made another, with the help of my daughter...or she made it with my help...either way, it was a quilt when finished.  I started a third quilt as a gift, and made a pair of oven mitts!

Hey look - Pictures!!  This is the first completed quilt...

My Daughter's quilt... Doesn't she look proud?  She really did a lot of work on this with me.

And oven mitts...

I can't post pictures of the gift quilt, since it's a secret and all...but see, there's proof of how busy I've been!  The upcoming tutorial will be to make the oven mitts depicted above...different fabric, though. :)

Ok, until next time...and I promise it won't be so long.

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