Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reason #1638 why I hate shopping with kids...

Went to Walmart to pick up some diapers and other essentials...the following happened:

N:  Mommy, do I have a sleeping bag?
Me: No, you don't.
N:  CAN I have a sleeping bag?
Me: Not now, N.  Your birthday is coming in a week and a half, you'll be getting plenty of "stuff".
N:  Well...since I don't have a sleeping bag...can you buy me a toy?
Me: What? No I won't buy you a toy because you don't have a sleeping bag.
****cue tears and whiny cry****
N: You hurt my feelings!
Me:  I am sorry that I hurt your feelings...
N:  If you buy me a toy, I'll feel better....
(internal dialogue: You demanding, entitled little brat!!!!!  I'll KILL your father for never saying "no" to you!)
Me:  No, N.  I am not buying any toys today.
N:  Stop talking to me!  If you keep disturbing me, I will just cry louder!

Meanwhile, an old man looked at G...and he started to wail at the top of his lungs.

Enter Grade 7&8 teacher and high school Principal...
Stacie!  Are these your children?...Boy did I want to say no...

Exit Walmart, enter Grocery store...

N:  Mommy, can I have a treat?
Me:  After the scene in Walmart?  I don't think so, kiddo.
****Cue tears and whiny cry****
N:  You hurt my feelings! 

Gah.  I quit.

At least the baby slept there...