Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby? Maybe? The anticipation is killer.

Not me!!!  My best friend, A.  Some history:  I met A when I was five years old.  I was riding my new pink two wheeler through my neighbourhood when the new neighbour mom yelled at me!  "A.......!!!!!!  Come here!"  Huh?  Me?  I'm not A.  Went on my merry way.  She came running after me and not until she saw my face, did the new neighbour mom realize that the youngster with the brown curly pigtails was not, in fact, HER youngster with brown curly pigtails.  "Oh, I have a little girl about your about we go talk to your mom and you can come meet her!"  Turns out A was out gallivanting around with her older brother (4yrs my senior).  Anyway...she and I have been friends ever since.  Twenty-one years (please, don't do the math...).  A was with me when my dear N was born five years ago.  She was the most amazing labour coach - the best thing I remember about my whole labour experience, you know, until my baby was born.  She (and her family) is, in every way that matters, my family.  She is my sister, Auntie to my children.  I love her, more than I can explain.

I was about five months pregnant with G when we discovered A was expecting - I was there and read the test!  What a Christmas day that was!  While J (her J, not mine) went into a minor panic, I was filled with thrilling excitement.  My Bestie and I are pregnant together!  Wow.  I think I was more excited for her pregnancy than I was for my own!  Well now, my G is 4.5mos and my Bestie is in labour...I think.  What?  You think?  I shall explain...

A is two days overdue.  I talked to her this afternoon, when she told me she was having some minor contractions.  Last I heard, she was heading out with her Mom to do some walking in hopes of getting things moving.  I sent her a text just a bit ago to see if anything was going reply!  And her sister in law has posted on Facebook that Baby A is on it's way!  So I sit brain going a million miles an hour...waiting, waiting, waiting to hear some news while I bounce on my couch.  Baby A is a surprise.  I cannot wait to learn if it's a Girl A or a Boy A!  I cannot wait to meet him/her!  I cannot wait for our babies to grow up together.  The anticipation is killing me and I'm wishing my J was here, so I could take off and be at the hospital with her (if that is where she is! ha!). 

Hurry up and wait...the story of my life. 

Editing to add:  You know, last night I was thinking of what this baby would be.  From the moment we found out she was expecting, I thought for SURE it was a girl...HAS to be a girl!  It just seemed "right".  But last night it occurred to me, while writing up this blog that maybe she needs to have a boy.  We've been the best of friends, all of our lives.  My baby that is closest in age to her baby is a she needed to have a boy, for them to grow up the best of friends. (not that boys and girls can't be friends, but still).  Well Baby Boy C was born around 1am September 2!  And a big boy he is - 9lbs 7oz, 20". It might not take long for this guy to catch up with G.  Come next summer, these two boys will be rolling around in the dirt together.  I can't wait!

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