Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I hate it when this happens.

My baby, 4.5mos, was such a good sleeper.  From birth, he would wake up once, sometimes twice at night, just to eat.  Every so often, he'd decide it was time to play at 3am, but it was pretty rare.  At about 1.5-2mos, he started sleeping through the night!  It meant a 6am wake up call for me, but I'm ok with that!  He slept through the night for almost a month...then the teeth happened.  For three weeks he was up all hours of the night.  Nothing would make this kid sleep longer than two hours at a stretch.  It was taxing.  Once those wee baby teefers came through, sleep came back!  He was waking up at 4am for a feeding, and back to sleep.  I'll take it!  Until it stopped, again.  Every hour or two, up and at em.

Last night, I was a little later than usual getting to bed.  I got myself all cozied up, and set out for an hour of sleep before G woke up.  But knowing he would, I tossed and turned, I kept grasping the monitor to see if it was loud enough.  I couldn't sleep because I knew I'd have to get up soon.  An hour later and he is still asleep...and I finally dozed off.  He didn't wake up.  Not until 4am, for a quick feed.  And now, at 8:30, he's still sleeping.  Oh!  Not any more...time to start the day!

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